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Jesse Ricke


Jesse Ricke is a cross-disciplinary media practitioner working in video (editing, streaming, production), audio (editing, production, live performance), interactive (MAX/MSP, PureData), and music. A graduate of The New School's Media Studies program, he has been with CultureHub since September 2011, assisting with technical development and productions as technical director, editor, and streaming engineer. Ricke has been instrumental in developing CultureHub’s practices using open-source and consumer-based technologies for distance collaboration and interactive media design. With CultureHub Artistic Director Billy Clark, he designed the visual elements of Seoul Counterpoint, DJ Spooky’s evening-length performance at La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theatre in April 2014. Using these elements, Ricke created Heavenly Code, an all-day interactive installation that allowed audience members to directly intermingle with the media elements. Inspired by the Chun Bu Kyun, an ancient Korean character system, Heavenly Code used depth sensors, motion detection, and granular synthesis to make the physical space of the Ellen Stewart Theatre into an audiovisual instrument for all to play. For the past three years, Ricke has also been developing his project Graphic Ships at CultureHub and with the Megapolis Audio Festival, the DUMBO Arts Festival, and the Fascinate Conference in Falmouth, England. Graphic Ships uses physical interfaces for the audience to conduct free improvisation. For CultureHub’s international partnerships, Ricke has developed a production methodology to facilitate exchanges across limitations of distance and resources, creating collaborative virtual environments with Tehran, Kampala, Nairobi, Port Au Prince, Guatemala City, Anchorage Alaska, and many other locations. His political and social convictions have led to internships with One Laptop per Child in Peru, working with new educational technology in developing areas, and research collaborations with OurGoods.org. Ricke teaches studio practice at CUNY City Tech.